Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions

Why Homeowners Opt For Attic Conversions


Attic conversion or loft conversion has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, in fact loft conversions are now pretty trendy in areas where square footage is at a premium.  For anything to be this popular this quickly there has to be a lot of benefits associated with it. We will get into these benefits in a minute but first of all let us understand what attic conversion really is.


Although it is in no way a simple process, the definition is quite simple. Attic conversion is the process of turning an empty attic space into a fully functional and habitable room – mostly this could be a bedroom, office, or perhaps a place for exercise or meditation.

As previously stated, the process is fairly complex and even though some people may want to try a DIY approach, it is  wiser to get home improvement contractors to take care of it.


So what could be the up-sides of turning an attic to an extra room? There are the obvious reasons but then there are others which real estate agents have stated over the years.

1. More space – This is an absolute no brainer. Creating a new room from the previously unused attic makes more room (pun intended) for the occupants of the house. Most times, a new room could be needed for a new family member due to birth or a change of location.

2. Extra Source of Income – Many homeowners soon realize that there is a lot of space in the attic which could be used for more profitable endeavors. Although a fair amount of planning is to be involved before attic conversions, when done properly, the newly converted attic can be rented out to tenants.

3. Increased Home Value – When valuing a home, the realtors usually take the usable space into consideration above many other things – this is a given. What may not be so known is the fact that the number of habitable rooms in any given house is another indispensable factor which affects the value. Simply put, the more rooms a house has, the higher its value.

There are a couple of other benefits which attic conversions could offer and even if there are down sides, the advantages outweigh them on a large scale. When one realizes that about 30% of their entire living space is laying dormant in their roof, then it becomes clear that there is so much more that can be done with it – even if it is just storing things for safe keeping.