Top Home Siding Material Options And How To Select The Best

Top Home Siding Material Options And How To Select The Best

Siding is among the easiest ways to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home and raise property value. If you are looking for high-quality home siding, you must choose carefully from the many siding options available.

Let us look at the types of siding material available for homeowners and builders.

1. Vinyl: One of the most common siding options chosen by home owners. When you’re beginning home repair and re-modeling, vinyl siding is a cost-effective choice. The biggest advantage of this type of material is its durability. Furthermore, vinyl siding does not require painting-the only downside being a possibility of denting and cracking.

2. Masonite: Mostly popular in areas with varying climatic conditions. The siding of this type is very helpful in protecting your home over the years and through all types of weather. However, Masonite siding does require routine upkeep.  Here is a video on how to do that.

3. Hardi Plank: Although this type of siding looks similar to Masonite, it is made from cement and will not break down over time.

4. Stone or Brick: Stone or Brick are another siding materials that are best matched for the building of a siding. Some residents are among those who want either bricks or stones for sidings, just because these sidings created by bricks or stones appear so lovely and are almost durable. On the other hand, beside of all these benefits, there is one disadvantage of these constructions, and that is the high price.

5. Stucco: Stucco is a traditional siding material commonly used for exterior home remodeling. Stucco is commonly known for its moisture-proofing properties.

6. Veneer or Synthetic: The latest addition to siding market is of the synthetic variety. Synthetic siding is more attractive than many other types-however, you may be compromising longevity when opting for synthetic siding.

7. Cedar Shakes: Cedar Shakes are an ideal substitute to Masonite siding since it does not need much maintenance. When accurately marked, Cedar Shakes do not wrap off or decay. Meanwhile, as it comes to construction of sidings, the familiarity of this material is growing progressively. On the other hand, as it’s a modern material, very small number of companies, in fact, know how to apply the coating properly.

Durability, energy efficiency, maintenance, aesthetics, and affordability are the very important factors you should consider when selecting the best siding for your home. Water resistant materials will translate to longer life and reduce repair needs so have this in mind too when choosing siding material for your home.